Debug Commands

Useful debug commands by topic/technology. A work in progress as I go through my own CCIE studies.

General | Layer 2 | Frame Relay | RIP | OSPF | EIGRP | BGP | MPLS | IPv6 | Multicast | QoS

General Debug Commands

  • debug tunnel
  • debug ip routing
  • debug ip packet



Layer 2

  • debug spanning-tree events
  • debug dtp packet
  • debug dot1x

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Frame Relay

  • debug frame-relay lmi
  • debug frame-relay events
  • debug frame-relay packet
  • debug frame-relay switching
  • debug frame-relay multilink

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  • debug ip rip
  • debug rip events
  • debug rip database


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  • debug ip ospf lsa-generation
  • debug ospf adj
  • debug ospf events
  • debug ospf flood
  • debug ospf packet
  • debug ospf tree

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  • debug mpls packet
  • debug mpls drop

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  • debug ip mpacket
  • debug ip pim

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