I am a Network Engineer in the Washington, DC area, working in the field of DoD/Government contracting.  My focus is on large enterprise routing and switching, primarily core and data center infrastructure, with a little load balancing and application optimization thrown in for fun.  As you might have gathered by the name of the blog, I spend a lot of time with the Cisco Nexus family of switches, and I am quite fond of them.  ;)

I have started on the rather epic journey of obtaining my CCIE R&S, a goal I’ve had since I laid eyes on my first 2600 router almost seven years ago.  The main motivation in starting this blog is to discuss the study process and technologies involved in the lab, as well as any interesting daily troubleshooting or technology topics that come up along the way. I’m also very interested in the upcoming CCIE Data Center, and look forward to finding out more about it as we get closer to its release.

Outside of routers and switches (which are a hobby as well as my career), I ride and own horses, and love to cook.  That pretty much leaves zero free time. :)

I always enjoy getting to know others in the field, so please feel free to contact me:

Email: nexiilicious@gmail.com

Facebook: Jen Valentine

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